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The animals raised at the farm are as free and well-kept as possible to maintain a constant condition of welfare for them to live in. The stall used for the breeding is a spacious area, around 700 m2, and is composed of a central aisle that gives space to the manoeuvres of the agricultural vehicles and separates the two lateral boxes for the free stabling of cattle, sheep, and swine. One part of the stall is entirely dedicated to the housing of poultry, while outside an area equipped for barnyard animals can also be found.

Since the welfare of the animals is without doubt one of the priorities of the farm, the space in which they live is studied and equipped to ensure such condition. The reinforced concrete structure, fitted with natural ventilation, encounters technology boasting the presence of a stereo system for music therapy. This latter has stress-relieving effects on the animals, allowing the production of even tenderer meat. The farm pays very much attention also to cleanliness, which is obtained through conveyor belts that collect the manure and take it to an external dunghill where it will be left to macerate and subsequently be ready for reuse as natural fertilizer for the fields.

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All products sold under the company brand are created on site, totally natural, free of preservatives, dyes and chemical additives in general.

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